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Developing a Windows Phone App…

App Windows PhoneAfter a really hard month,  I find the time to write a new post.
In this time, I had occasion to develop a Windows Phone Application for the first time. The .Net Environment and C# are not unkwnon in my exprerience, I had much occasion to work with Microsoft technology and the awesome Visual Studio.

However, from the last time I put hands in this environment, some things have changed, and I am really astonished by the choices has been made by Microsoft .

The first terrible tihng I came across, it’s not all Visual Studio edition are compatible with all Windows Phone SDK versions.  I needed to develop an app that would support Windows Phone 7.  But I had to find out that the 2013 edition that I had already installed, supported only by SDK 8 onwards. Both iOS and Android have not this type of requirements, at least for version so close.

The second wicked choice I came across, is the requirement for SLAT technology for the CPU tu run the Windows Phone 8 emulator. No virtualization software has this strange requirement, olny Microsoft. These instructions are present only in very recent CPU, preventing people like me, who still have a very powerful CPU, such as an Intel Core 2 Quad Core, to develop software for newer Windows Phone. Continue reading