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How Google Pagespeed make this website faster

pagespeedProbably you already know Google Pagespeed, that is the name of three Google’s tools. This project has the target to make the web faster, a very important topic lately… Precisely the tools are:

  • Pagespeed Insight, the most famous tool. It’s a page analyzer to bench page performance, and suggests what you should change in your website to speed up your website load time.
  • Pagespeed Module, is the main subject of this post. This is a module, available for Nginx (ngx_pagespeed) and Apache (mod_pagespeed), automatically perform optimization to speed up your pages, without the need to change anything in your application code.
  • Pagespeed Service, is a proxy managed by Google, powered by the Pagespeed Module. If you haven’t the possibility to install the module directly on your server, this is the best solution.

As I told in a previous post, this website server runs Pagespeed. Using this module I had many facilities. The module performs many optimizations, which are boring to implement, especially on a CMS… Continue reading

Migration completed!

As I told in the previous post, I expressed the will to try running this blog on HHVM. I started transferring from a normal shared hosting to  a very cheap VPS.

Obviously the infrastructure is really updated, in fact I installed HHVM, Nginx 1.5, MariaDB 10. HHVM, among PHP without opcache running on the shared hosting, really boosted WordPress performance. However, I was still unsatisfied.

So I decided to enable SSL on this site, surely not due to top-secret material showed on this site, but becouse this is a requirement to implement SPDY, an HTTP protocol evolution, developed by Google. This protocol enables to really decrease page latency.

I proceeded to refactoring the website, with the will to save everywhere kilobytes e reduce the number of resources to load. Google Pagespeed is really helpful in this situation. It optimizes in real-time all resources. Continue reading